The Lady in the Moon
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New Arrial +hannahthesmall


☫===She gave a wave of her hand, accepting the dagger. “If you fear that you are naked, my soldiers can give you weapons of any choice. Daggers, swords, arrows, staffs, any of that you need.”

"That diamond dagger.. it is magic, not man. It’s accept here but do be careful with it. It is something powerful and even if we are brawn and muscle, even our muscle can be speared upon diamond." The name of Nightlight caught her attention but she said nothing else, turning her back to Hannah so that she could take her buck.

"Show the child to her buck." Ursa ordered two large bears to Hannah’s carriage, tugging the buck there towards her. Another came into view, in a human form and helped to get Hannah onto the carriage. Others did the same for Alex and Alvar who needed assistance. Guards and soldiers helped the ship come more into port, unpacking luggage and what was needed for Hannah’s trip. They did not know when she would stay but best be safe than sorry.

respectfully Alvar left the weapons on the ship, he preferred to fight with his fists anyway and his claws were sharper than most blades. Where Alex was fascinated with the large beasts that tugged along the carriage Hannah was a bit nervous of them. She’d never gone near a horse let alone a buck of this size, Alex however had ridden horses in his free time. She didn’t complain however, it would be rude of her. Alvar was certainly enjoying himself, taking deep breaths of air to savour it. He enjoyed the outdoors… Even if his home planet was not as rural as this.



"Not yet," The guards came around and grasped Hannah’s arms with an iron grip, "We still have much more to discuss."

Looking to the guards that grabbed her instinct told Hannah to teleport out of their hands, to set herself aflame! But if she did that all cover would be blown. Reluctantly she refrained from doing either, swallowing at his words, “What is there to discuss?”

New Arrial +hannahthesmall


☫===”Family of yours? We welcome any members of your bloodline into our home, and do not mind my people. They see that if I bow, they are inclined to bow out of respects. No one knows of who you are, aside that you are of royal blood and to be treated with respect.”

"I must say this, be careful around the younger cubs. They do not understand things such as titles or bloodline, being naive and animal compared to the elders and their mothers. They can get grabby and affectionate. Some have not even ‘see’ a human in the flesh before but of bedtime stories."

"Your guide will be given information of what he needs upon request. Poisonous plants, wild prey and animals and for what our planet is known for- honey and bees."

"… I must request no guns are allowed on this planet. You may keep them on the ship, but your cargo of machine and gunfire will be stored away with your ship. Daggers, swords, arrows and anything that does not carry gunpowder or.. scientific power is not allowed here. Magic is though, so do inform anyone if your weapons are that of magic and not gun powder."

They did not like guns, nor it’s power to kill. Nor lasers, nuclear methods and chemicals. Ursa had strict laws to weapons with that power, as they only contained sick tainted aftermaths. Why the things were invented was that a mystery to her breed.

"Come when your weapons have been checked; we have much to do and your carriage awaits. A rider will be given to you if you cannot control the bucks."

Respecting her rules she handed her own pistol to Alvar, Alex reluctantly doing the same. Of course magic was permitted but Alex felt naked with no weaponry, Alvar had his strength and Hannah magic but all Alex possessed was his speed and craft. Delving into her jacket Hannah withdrew a diamond dagger, looking toward Ursa, “Would you say I need to leave this on the ship too? It was given to me by the Lunanoff’s knight and my dear friend Nightlight.” Although Hannah didn’t want to part with it she would if it was the law of this place.


"I am Groot" Said the tree being who decided to sit down beside Alex.

"Yeah Groot, must be some really grumpy people who have connections, or are too curious fer their own good."

Rocket couldn’t help but snicker again when Alvar returned with that look on his face. His expression changed from a grin to a scowl when he mentioned ‘scientists’.

"If he had just told us how much I wouldn’t o’ minded lending a few. I’m going to get a pretty penny when I turn in the bounties in the back." Rocket huffed, he really didn’t like the mention of scientists. Sure some of them did great things but most did horrible experiments like the one that created him.

Alex was not a tall lad, he was only just taller than Hannah despite being 21. Yet he had very little idea why, “maybe they heard my Dad works with biological weaponry development?” He suggested, glancing at the large human like plant that sat beside him.

"Uncle Dick? I think if they knew that they would have put the bounty on him… Not that I’d mind that." Hannah’s usual cheerful expression darkened somewhat, eye’s trailing to the floor as her feet scuffed at the floor, "it’s alright Rocket, Alvar probably wouldn’t accept it… He’s kinda proud like that.

The two humans definitely stood out in Mercet, maybe it was because of the company or because they were human… But a few people glanced over at them. Alex winced a bit as he shifted, the scooping up from Groot has left a bruise on his back… Or maybe that had been Alvar’s squirming. Even so he didn’t complain, he’d had worse.

New Arrial +hannahthesmall


☫===The air was clear; only because there was no robotics or macines to taint the air. No skyscrapers, no tall towers. All and everything was brick, wood or concrete but little electricity filled their homes. Only fire and water based energy was to warm their sanctuaries which wasn’t needed until the winters of Ursa’s planet.

Many of the bears were the size of Alvar, but there were some even taller and wider than him. The eldest of the bears watched, curious at the humans, for some had only seen some once or twice in their centuries of living. Few cubs clung to their mothers, but their natural animal curiosity had them wiggling their noses and watching with big brown eyes.

Ursa presented herself like noble blood, her steed being taken care of by a guard and moving so that she could guard Hannah to the carriages. Humans were small and little and could only travel so much on their legs. Ursa noticed the others, knowing that they were comrades for the heir in her travels.

"Welcome to Miwok, home of the mighty bear race. Ancestors of the ones to whom you have on Earth. We welcome you, heir of the Tsar."

Ursa bowed and with that action, the other bears did. It was a large array of respect and flattery, the bears moving to bow, shoulders hunched over and noses to the ground.

Ushered out of hiding by Alvar Hannah’s face turned a slight tint of pink at the respect shown towards her, she was used to the moon mice being so formal with her, but these creatures looked like they could easily swat her with their hand and send her flying. Taking a deep breath Hannah herself bowed to Ursa, Alvar and Alex doing the same.

"Thank you for welcoming us to your home, it’s an honour to finally meet those I will work alongside someday." She replied, "These are my companions, my cousin Alexander and our guide Alvar." It was best to make those they wouldn’t know known so they would not be worried of their presence, "I would be most grateful if we could keep this visit between us and your people, the Tsar has expressed concerns regarding my safety during my travels, so I have taken precautions to hide my identity."

New Arrial +hannahthesmall


☫===The dock of the western seas were all ready for the arrivals of any new ships coming aboard, larges bears tugging on ropes, pulling in fish and other urchins from the boats onto land.

The flood of bears was massive, both genders working hard to bring in any prey and flopping fish into carriages and pull tractors. The queen of bears and the Lady of Ursa Major stood not far from her own steed, a large alien of a deer with antlers and sharp hooves. Ursa was in her human form, as the arrival of the heir was close to shifting towards her planet.

The great Wind was doing this. Ursa could smell and hear it echo through the celestial space around her planet. The Constellation was wanting to meet the new heir.. no, /demanded/ it.

And why would Ursa deny her mother star that?

The waves started shifting and all the boats were tied down with anchors and rope for the arrival of the ship. The ocean was a better landing spot for the arrival of the space ship, Ursa holding tight the reins of her steed to calm it from running off as the wind picked up.

A few other bear would change into man’s form but waited until after the landing and the people inside. They would need to help unpack all and any heavy belongings of the Tsar’s heir.

As much promise has Hannah showed as a pilot, Alvar was in charge of landings. He didn’t trust her with that just yet. He could feel the tug of the wind as the ship sailed down towards the planet blow… He had promised Hannah that she could meet the constellations she would be responsible for.

Deploying the landing gear to land on the water the Grooth landed his ship smoothly, it had been a while since he’d been around people who lived in primitive conditions, even if they themselves were far from primitive. It was nice to get away from technology, “Alright, let’s stick close everyone we don’t want to-“

He was cut short to Hannah already opening the airlock to take a look at the new land, Alex right behind her. On the bright side at least they had stuck close. Shaking his head he got up to join them, breathing in the fresh unpolluted air.

It was a shock to Hannah’s lungs, it was so clean to breath, she was so used to the air on the ship or the air of the city or countryside that she’d never had air like this before. It almost made her feel lightheaded. She snapped out of her awe when she saw the rather large locals… They were very very big, around Alvar’s size. Hannah suddenly felt very small and weak compared to them and half hid behind the Grooth.



Darkseid studied the child a little longer, not quite showing if he believed her or not. He then began to look into her mind and see her thoughts. There he knew he could truly understand how one like herself could possibly just appear on Apokolips. She clearly seemed to fear him on the inside as well as the outside. Understandable, not to be unexpected. As he looked further, things popped up that caught his attention, things that left him curious… and intrigued. Perhaps she may be of use to him yet.

"Very well, Mortal… I believe you are telling the truth. You would be foolish to tell me otherwise."

Hannah tensed as she felt something… Or someone prodding around in her mind. It was not a comfortable feeling. Grimacing she brought up the relevant thoughts, not wanting him to delve any deeper than he needed to… Though he may have already.

She was somewhat relieved he believed her, well she hadn’t lied after all. “So… You’ll let me leave?”


//I was reading the rp between ditenean and allbiteandbark when I thought of this
only they weren’t suppose to be asleep it was suppose to be Rocket being grumpy while sat there but this happened and I’m so sorry
Rocket sleeps with his gun and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise; he named her Lylla after his comic book friend

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//I was reading the rp between ditenean and allbiteandbark when I thought of this

only they weren’t suppose to be asleep it was suppose to be Rocket being grumpy while sat there but this happened and I’m so sorry

Rocket sleeps with his gun and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise; he named her Lylla after his comic book friend

//bringing this back because cute

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